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Yves Soglo is a videographer who tells untold stories, captures precious moments and

features other artists. Yves is an artist, a documentarist and an educator.


Whether it’s immortalizing a wedding, shooting a music video or retelling tales of the Great North’s Inuit communities, Yves takes you on a journey that is retold on screen.


Yves uses the camera to give a platform to those whose voices would otherwise not be heard. With each frame, a chapter of life unfolds. His camera is the wand he uses to capture the magic your special day. But what sets him appart is that he is very approachable and makes people feel comfortable, allowing the viewers to feel as though they were there. 


“Video is the art of all art forms. As a videographer, I have the privilege of capturing moments, creating narratives and telling someone’s story. I can inform and educate, or I can sell products and services. Sometimes, videographers get to motivate through powerful audio-visual editing. And when you’re really present, you can even recognize and show human emotion in its purest, unaltered form.”


Yves’ passion for the art of videography knows no bound and his deep sense of authenticity and client care permeates all of his projects. He also loves to give back by giving the mic to fellow artists. Yves is a long-time dancer and teacher who now showcases other dancers on film.


“Through my videos, I have the honour of showing artists’ craft all while sharing my own. I get to use my skills to lift others up. I love to see people’s faces light up when they watch my videos. I am grateful when a client swells with pride when they look at themselves through my camera lens. What a gift!”


And of course, Yves thrives when highlighting beauty in all forms:

“I like to film beautiful things and beautiful people, and more importantly, beautiful moments.”


When he isn’t shooting events or travelling up North, Yves enjoys life in Ottawa with his delightful fiancée and their energetic dog.

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